Paint Removal

At JKH Masonry Cleaning, we provide a range of stone cleaning services in Oxford, Bristol, Wiltshire, Swindon and surrounding areas. This includes paint removal. Modern thermoplastic paints were removed from the interior brickwork of a 17th Century Grade I listed Vyne House, as part of a refurbishment to the ‘Old Brew House Restaurant’.
Working closely with the requirements of the architect and conservation officer we were able to remove all unwanted paints, cleaning the stone and revealing unseen castellations in the brickwork whilst leaving evidence of previous coatings of lime wash.

Click the images below to view examples of stone cleaning including where modern thermoplastic paint was removed with the ‘Doff’ System and underlying lime wash was removed with the ‘Jos-Torc’ System.

Paint Removal, Before & After

doff system cleaning masonry SwindonTHE DOFF SYSTEM REMOVES
Paint coatings (acrylic, thermoplastic etc.)
Wax coatings,
Bird or animal fouling
Certain types of graffiti
Algae, moss, fungi
Other biological matter
The JOS system after years of being one of the best cleaning products in the market place was improved and relaunced under the name of TORC
TORC Masonry Cleaning System SwindonTORC
Lime & cement-based paints
Carbon sulphates
Paint residue
Lime Wash
Many oil based paints